We're confident that we provide the highest level of service in the Washington DC metro area. But don't just take it from us - here is what our clients are saying about us! 

After working with a subpar property manager last year, I decided to make a change and hired Globe Trotter Properties. As I was transferring my home to GTP, tragedy struck - a burst pipe flooded my house, turning it into a disaster zone. Most property management companies would have run away screaming. But not Globe Trotter. It’s like they enjoyed the challenge! And from the very first moment, they made me wish I had hired them earlier. They immediately took charge of the situation, calling on their trusted contractors to start repairing my home the same day. They managed the insurance claims process, home repairs, and tenant issues fluidly. They negotiated preferred rates with the contractors, reducing my overall repair bill by thousands of dollars. And best of all, they showed a sense of urgency - they did not simply shrug and casually schedule the home to be repaired in due time. Instead, they actively managed every step of the process, even finding ways to upgrade some home features along the way. Ultimately, this meant that my home returned to the market faster than it would have with other companies, and in better condition. I trust my investment with GTP, and would gladly recommend that others do the same.
— Ryan Flory, U.S. State Department
When I received a new position working in Myanmar, I turned to Globe Trotter Properties to manage my condo on Capitol Hill. I’m very glad that I did. They always answer my inquiries quickly, research every issue to my satisfaction, and communicate with my tenants routinely. If a question comes up about my taxes, or the ebb and flow of the local property market, they have the answer at hand. While I pay them to collect my rent, handle any problems that come up, and find new tenants, they do so much more - I feel like I have a special team of experts watching over my home at all times. That makes me feel very secure about my investment when I am so far from home. Thanks, Globe Trotter.
— Miranda Bryant, Development Professional
Globe Trotter has been of great assistance in helping to find ideal tenants, and I would work with them again any day. They are courteous, professional, responsive, and most importantly, deliver on quality service.
— Jed Wolfington, U.S. State Department

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